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Subsurface Biogeochemical Research Program

BER Welcomes Two New Program Managers

RI/BRI SBR Workshop: June 12-14, 2006

Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center
RI/BRI SBR Workshop, Idaho National Laboratory

June 12-14, 2006
Idaho Falls, Idaho

During the Sr-90 breakout group discussion of the Environmental Remediation Science Program Workshop held June 12-14, 2006 at INL, copies of the “Operable Unit 3-14 Tank Farm Soil and Groundwater Remedial Investigation/Baseline Risk Assessment” document were requested. This document has been approved for external release as: DOE/NE-ID-11227, REV 0, with Lorie Cahn, Michael L. Abbott, John F Keck, Peter Martian, Annette L. Schafer, and Michael C. Swenson as authors.

The complete document is very long as indicated by the multiple “PDF files” required to present it.

Quick Reference Guide to the INTEC RI/BRA (pdf of this table)

Summary sections of specific Interest to the SBR Sr-90 breakout group

Section Title Doc pages PDF doc Acrobat page#
Main Document
3. INTEC Background and Operational History. This section contains wonderful pictures of the tank farm, its installation, and plan map-views of the INTEC facility. 3-1 1-Main-doc.pdf 57
4. Environmental Setting and Summary of Subsurface Water Contamination. This section provides a high-level overview of the geologic setting, and regional and local hydrology. For a more quantitative description, this information is summarized in Appendix A as part of the overall conceptual model presentation. 4-1 1-Main-doc.pdf 110
5.11 CPP-31 (description of the CPP-31 release) 5-97 1-Main-doc.pdf 241
5.16 CPP-79 Shallow 5-142 1-Main-doc.pdf 286
5.17 CPP-79 Deep 5-153 1-Main-doc.pdf 297
Appendix A: Groundwater Risk Pathway Model Development, Calibration, and Predictive Results
Appendix A-3 Summary of Vadose Zone Data A-3-1 2-Appendix-A to pg_A-5-20 21
Appendix A-4 Aquifer Data Summary A-4-1 2-Appendix-A to pg_A-5-20 49
Appendix A-5 Vadose Zone and Aquifer Conceptual Models A-5-1 2-Appendix-A _to_A-5-20 and 3-Appendix-A _pg_A-521_to_A-8-14 55 in first document 1 in second document
Appendix A-7 Adose Zone Model Calibration This contains the time-releases for specific contaminants and the available perched water data by well, and plots showing 4-D distributions for Tc-99, H-3, I-129, Nitrate A-7-1 3-Appendix-A _pg_A-521_to_A-8-14 11
Appendix A-8 Aquifer Model Calibration This contains the time-releases for specific contaminants and the available aquifer data by well, and plots showing 3-D distributions for  Tc-99, H-3, I-129, Nitrate A-8-1 3-Appendix-A _pg_A-521_to_A-8-14 and 4-Appendix-A _pg_A-814_to_end 11 first document and first page in second document
Appendix C: Geostatistical Modeling of Subsurface Characteristics in the Area of the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center
Appendix C This shows the available data and interpretation for the interbed tops and thicknesses in addition to that for the alluvium C-1 4-Appendix-B_to_Appendix_ E
and Appendix_F to G
Appendix J: Evaluation of Sr-90: Hydrogeochemical Simulation of the CPP-31 Release from the Alluvium, Inclusion of Other Sources, Sensitivity, and Implications
Appendix J-2 CPP-31 Release: Overview of Geochemical Processes -- basically suggests that the early release was dominated by competitive cation exchange J-2-1 7-Appendix-H_to_end 55
Appendix J-3 Cation Exchange Model Parameters -- where did they come from? J-3-1 7-Appendix-H_to_end 75
Appendix J-4 Verification of the Ion Exchange Model -- this is a comparison to the Hawkins and Short batch experimental data J-4-1 7-Appendix-H_to_end 87
Appendix J-5 Coupled Transport and Geochemical Phenomena: one dimensional simulations This section contains the bulk of the model results shown in Annette’s presentation at the SBR workshop. J-5-1 7-Appendix-H_to_end 99
Appendix J-7 Site-Specific Application: This section presents the Cs-137 data necessary to determine the pathway of the released liquid from CPP-31 J-7-1 7-Appendix-H_to_end 115
Appendix J-8 RI/BRA Model Results This section carries the release out of the alluvium and into the perched water and underlying aquifer. It presents the model calibration data available in the perched water for Sr-90. J-8-1 7-Appendix-H_to_end 123
INL’s Vadose Zone Research Park
  Idaho National Laboratory Vadose Zone Research Park Geohydrological Monitoring Results. INL/EXT/05-01044, 2006, Kristine Baker   0501044_r4  
  A Research Park for Studying Processes in Unsaturated Fractured Media, EOS, 2004ES000845R, Kristine Baker, Travis McLing, Leah Street, Annette Schafer, Shannon Ansley, Larry Hull, Robert Holt, Robert Roback, and Catherine Jones, 2004      
Idaho National Laboratory, Subsurface Biogeochemical Research Workshop, June 12-14, 2006
  Sr-90 Transport through the INTEC vadose zone. Annette Schafer and Larry Hull   Annette_larry.pdf  

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