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DOE-ERSP Annual PI Meeting
April 7-9, 2008
Lansdowne, VA

[ERSP is now Subsurface Biogeochemical Research Program (SBR)]

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Agenda with Links to Presentations

Monday April 7, 2008

1:00 PM ERSP Programmatic Overview and Outlook for the Future
David Lesmes, Acting Division Director, ERSD (now CESD)
1:30 PM Welcome Back
Anna Palmisano, Associate Director of Science for Biological and Environmental Research
2:00 PM A Geologic Framework for Reactive Solute Transport Properties in Sedimentary Aquifers
Richelle M. Allen-King, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
2:30 PM Significance of Microporosity to Reactive Transport Modeling at DOE Sites
James A. Davis, U.S. Geological Survey
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Coupled Biogeochemical Processes in the Soil and Soil-Plant Systems Responsible for Enhanced Transport of Plutonium in the Vadose Zone
Daniel Kaplan, Savannah River National Laboratory
4:00 PM Terry Beveridge Memorial Lecture
Grant Ferris, University of Toronto
5:00 PM Dinner
6:30 PM Poster Session 1

Tuesday April 8, 2008

Morning Session
Integrated Field-Scale Subsurface Research Challenge (IFRC) Presentations
8:30 AM Oak Ridge Site
Phil Jardine, ORNL, and Co-PI’s
9:30 AM Old Rifle UMTRA Site
Phil Long, PNNL, and Co-PI’s
10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Hanford 300 Site
John Zachara, PNNL, and Co-PI’s
12:00 A Roadmap for Practical Deployment of Models for Microbially Mediated Remediation of Metals and Radionuclides at DOE Sites
Jack Parker, University of Tennessee
12:15 PM LUNCH and FREE TIME (Working Lunch with FREC and IFRC teams)
Afternoon Session
3:00 PM Nitrite Enhanced Chromium Reduction in Three Model Organisms: Geobacter metallireducens, Sulfurospirillum barnesii, and Desulfovibrio desulfuricans 27774
John F. Stolz, Duquesne University
3:30 PM Structure and Function of Subsurface Microbial Communities Affecting Radionuclide Transport and Bioimmobilization
Joel E. Kostka, Florida State University
4:00 PM Metagenomics-Enabled Understanding of Metal-Reducing Communities at the ORNL-FRC
James M. Tiedje, Michigan State University
4:30 PM From Community Structure to Functions: GeoChip Development and Its Applications to Bioremediation
Jizhong Zhou, University of Oklahoma
5:00 PM Dinner
6:30 PM Poster Session 2

Wednesday April 9, 2008

Morning Session
8:30 AM Integrated Hydrogeophysical and Hydrogeologic Driven Parameter Upscaling for Dual-Domain Transport Modeling
John M. Shafer, University of South Carolina
9:00 AM Hyphenated Techniques for Determining pH-Dependent Pore-Scale Uranium (VI) Speciation
James F. Ranville, Colorado School of Mines
9:30 AM Development of Modeling and Scaling Methods for Predicting Coupled Reactive Transport Processes
T. Prabhakar Clement, Auburn University
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM The Role of Microbial Phosphates on Uranium Mobility in the Subsurface
Patty Sobecky/Martial Taillefert. Georgia Institute of Technology
11:00 AM Effects of Fermentative Activity on Fate and Transport of U and Cr
Brent Peyton, Montana State University
11:30 AM Biochemical Mechanisms and Energy Strategies of Geobacter sulfurreducens
Ming Tien, Pennsylvania State University
12:00 PM Lunch (SFA Panel Working Lunch—Orientation and Charge)
Afternoon Session
Scientific Focus Area (SFA) Presentations—DOE National Laboratories
1:30 PM SFA Overview and Background (ERSD (now CESD))
R. Todd Anderson, Program Manager, ERSD (now CESD)
2:00 PM Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Susan Hubbard
2:30 PM Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Harvey Bolton
3:00 PM Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Liyuan Liang
3:30 PM Break
3:45 PM Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
John Bargar
4:05 PM Argonne National Laboratory
Carol Giometti
4:25 PM Los Alamos National Laboratory
Michael Ebinger
4:45 PM Idaho National Laboratory
Mark Ankeny
5:05 PM Dinner
6:30 PM SFA Poster Session
9:00 PM Adjourn

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