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Subsurface Biogeochemical Research Program

Performance Measures and Milestones: FY2007

GPRA Goal/Annual Target SC GG 3.1/23.1
Implement a field-oriented, integrated experimental research program to quantify coupled processes that control reactive transport of at least one key DOE contaminant.
1st Quarter Measures Announce at least one award from solicitation 06-16 for a field research effort targeting coupled processes with application to at least one key DOE contaminant
1st Quarter Results January 8, 2007
ERSD (now CESD) funds three field sites for subsurface contaminant transport research: BER's Environmental Remediation Sciences Division (ERSD (now CESD)) has established three large field sites for conducting subsurface research on the fate and transport of DOE contaminants. These five year, $3M/year awards will fund multi-disciplinary teams of scientists working at DOE sites to make significant advances in the conceptual understanding and computational simulation of subsurface processes affecting contaminant transport at the field scale. These sites also will provide samples and site access to scientists within ERSD (now CESD) programs to further test small scale, laboratory-derived hypotheses at larger scales in the field under environmentally relevant conditions. The three sites are located on the Oak Ridge Reservation, at the Hanford 300 Area, and at a uranium mill tailings site in Rifle, Colorado. Lead PIs for these projects were asked to coordinate with the local EM or LM offices to align basic science needs in support of subsurface cleanup and/or long term stewardship decisions with the science goals of the project.
Program Contact: Robert T. Anderson (SC-23.4) 301-903-5549
2nd Quarter Measures March 30, 2007
Implementation Plan for the Integrated Field-Scale Challenge (IFRC) project at the Oak Ridge Field Research Center (ORFRC) Oak Ridge, Tennessee
2nd Quarter Results Click here for results (pdf)
3rd Quarter Measures Site visit by ERSD (now CESD) program manager to project.
3rd Quarter Results From: Bayer, Paul
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 3:58 PM
To: Kuperberg, Michael
Cc: Riches, Mike; Bayer, Paul
Subject: ERSD (now CESD) FY 2007 Third Quarter PART/JOULE Milestone and Results

Dear Dr. Kuperberg,

The fiscal year 2007 third quarter JOULE milestone calls for the ERSD (now CESD) program manger to conduct a site visit to the Oak Ridge Integrated Field Challenge (IFRC) project established in the first quarter of FY 2007.

As the program manager for the Oak Ridge Integrated Field Challenge (IFRC) project, and in accordance with the 3rd quarter JOULE milestone, I conducted a site visit of the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, IFRC from Monday, June 25, 2007 to Tuesday, June 26, 2007. During this two-day site visit, I met with the principal investigator, Dr. Phil Jardine, and the Field Site Manager, Mr. David Watson. Together, we toured the field site. In addition, we met to discuss the status of the Implementation Plan, future verbal and written communication mechanisms, and IFRC plans for managing the activities of all participating investigators and institutions.

Paul Bayer
Program Manager, Oak Ridge IFRC
(301) 903-5324
Environmental Remediation Sciences Division
Office of Biological and Environmental Research
4th Quarter Measures Year 1 Implementation Plan progress report delivered from project.
4th Quarter Results 4th Quarter Measures September 30, 2007
Implementation Plan progress report for the Integrated Field-Scale
Challenge (IFRC) project at the Oak Ridge Field Research Center (ORFRC)
Oak Ridge, Tennessee Click here for results (pdf)
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