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Subsurface Biogeochemical Research Program

Performance Measures and Milestones: FY2004

GPRA Goal/Annual Target (SC GG 5.21.1)
Perform combined field/laboratory/modeling to determine how to interpret data at widely differing scales. Quantify contaminant immobilization and remobilization using one or a combination of the following potential pathways: natural microbial mechanisms, chemical reactions with materials, and colloid formation.
1st Quarter Measures Publish peer-reviewed results of first field experiment to stimulate microbial communities to immobilize uranium contamination plume at Uranium Mill Tailings Remediation Action (UMTRA) site in Rifle, Colorado
1st Quarter Results Yes. Publication in October 2003 issue of Applied & Environmental Microbiology
2nd Quarter Measures Initiate push-pull experiments to immobilize uranium with humics at the NABIR Field Research Center
2nd Quarter Results Yes. Preliminary results described at March 2004 NABIR PI meeting (pdf)
3rd Quarter Measures Complete laboratory microcosm experiments on mechanisms of microbial reoxidation of uranium
3rd Quarter Results Yes. Results described at March 2004 NABIR PI meeting (pdf)
4th Quarter Measures Conduct field site monitoring to quantify uranium remobilization at the Old Rifle, CO UMTRA site
4th Quarter Results Yes. 4th Quarter target and annual target met. Supporting Documentation: Results on NABIR-UMTRA website (
Weight 20%

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